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Over the last 5-6 years, the flexibility in my fingers has been decreasing. I had 0 pitch in the middle finger and 1/8 away in the ring. Had some pain in my hand when I would bowl more then 4 or 5 games. Got fit again and went to 1/2 away in the middle finger and 1/2 away in the ring. I've started having pain in my wrist again and a little worse then before. Also, my span was shorten a 1/4 inch. How much of an effect would finger pitches have on my wrist pain and how much pitch is to much? Would going to 1 inch of pitch be realistic and how would it change my roll???
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Here's the specs.

I would say you should have your entire grip checked and refit. Looking at your spec sheet, Unless you have a really big hand your span looks very stretched. The spans are pretty long almost 5", I have a big hand and my spans are only a little over 4".

You can check your span yourself to see how close it is like this.:

With your thumb inserted in the thumb hole and laying your fingers across the holes and your hand relaxed, the half way point between the first and second joint should be at the gripping edge of the hole. If your using inserts it's the gripping edge of the insert not the drilled hole.

Then Just to double check,

With your thumb in the hole and fingers laying across the holes, hold the ball like your going to roll it. So that it settles into your hand, then without moving your hand.


Rotate the ball back up so you can see where the edge of the holes are in relation to the midpoint between the two joints. (or get a picture form below like this one.)

A stretched span with a lot of reverse was common years ago and it's probably causing you to grip harder, putting a lot of tension in your hand and wrist. If you shorten your spans you can go to more forward pitch in your thumb, which will let you hang on to the ball easier which will let you relax your grip some.

The flexibility in my hand changed over the years and caused me problems until I realized and shortened my span and changed pitches. I have a 1/8" forward in my thumb hole now and 5/8" reverse pitch in my fingers.