The Rogue is a Monster....

I drilled my Rogue 65 X 4.75 X 60. This is one of the three drilling's I have been using since the USBC has come out with their changes to the weight hole requirement. This leaves the pin under the bridge and the GC kicked out about a 1/2" from my grip line. The reason I chose this lay out is the lay out allows the ball to see the lane in the middle and roll off the spot. As anyone who has read most of my reviews over the years I am a fan of mid lane shape. To me the lay out allows me more miss room and removes the over under we typically fight on today's lane patterns when they get cliffed.

My initial ball drilled with Motiv was the OG Sigma Tour, I have been enamored with the Sigma core ever since. I have a friend of mine that calls it the Turkey core, basically looks like a large turkey inside the ball. The Sigma core has been one of my favorites with the low RG and the Medium Diff, this core is strong and continuous. Now add a pearl cover that goes through the fronts and still sees the middle part of the lane with back end continuation. You have a true winner.

The combination of big core and strong pearl cover allows the ball to me to use the Rogue on longer patterns and some volume as well. The over all shape is what I would describe as smooth hockey stick. The cover clears the fronts as long as there is enough volume, the Rogue will tell you when there is not enough volume. As the core begins to take over in the middle part of the lane, the cover is working well with core and allows the Rogue to start the shape. The over all continuation through the lane and the pin deck is tremendous. The Rogue will let you chase the pattern and doesn't seem to loose hitting power as long as the pattern has some volume. I am impressed with this ball and look forward to adding this nugget to my tournament bag for the foreseeable future.

Clayton Mohr
Motiv Staff
Alexandria, MN