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Thread: NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator

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    Default NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator

    Who has this and is it worth it? Is it durable. How long does it last? Thank you in advance. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerHead99 View Post
    Who has this and is it worth it? Is it durable. How long does it last? Thank you in advance. Any info would be appreciated.
    Built one of these myself. It's nothing more than a Nesco dehydrator with 4 extra rings. Made mine with a temp gauge for less than $120, with all new parts.
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    I have one and it does get oil out of the balling balls. Depending how you are with your regular ball maintenance will determine how much oil is stuck in the pores.

    Also as TimmyB stated, you can make your own and save about $70.

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    I have one. Got it for Christmas last year. It does appear to be flimsy, but it actually is holding up well and does a good job. I had to turn my temp up as it wasn't doing as good a job as I had hoped. Borrowed a temp gauge from a friend and found the NuBall to be a bit off. Now it's great. I usually do 4-6 balls on a Saturday when they are in need and it has no problem running for 4-8 hours at a time. Have used it about 10-12 times in the past year, maybe more. I found it works a bit better on my RG balls if I hit them with a 500 pad before putting them in the rejuvenator.

    I wasn't really into "building" my own, so this was a good way around that. Besides...Santa paid for it! (:>
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    I have the Innovative one and have used it a lot over the 2 years I have had it with no problems. A buddy has the NU-ball for 3 years with no problems and has done lots of balls
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    Modified a food dehydrator from Bed, Bath and Beyond like others and it works just great.
    If you keep your equipment clean and wipe with a shammy after most shots, you probably don't need one; however, when you're trying to rejuvenate an old ball that you've not taken care of very well, it's worth the money. Otherwise you'll be throwing away the ball or getting it over to your local PSO to do the work.
    Good luck!

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    I also built one out of a food dehydrator with four extra rings
    and a temp gage about 4 years ago and it is still going strong
    was well worth the money I put into it something like $100.00
    or maybe it was even a little bit less than that.

    It has paid for itself many times over considering what a PSO
    would charge to do as many bowling balls as I've done with it
    for myself and doing other peoples bowling balls in it when I
    refinish/refurbish their bowling balls for a small charge so it has
    made my initial investment back several times over.
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    Thanks everyone.

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