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Thread: Six Unbelievable Ways to Raise Your Average

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    Yes, the right fielder usually wasn't the best. Fortunately I bat left-handed even though I threw right. Maybe that's why my batting average was better than most. Played 2nd base much of the time, but liked 3rd base, too. The final year I played I was on a position I wanted to play from the beginning and that was 1st base. My throwing abilities were marginal at best, but then I tried pitching slow pitch. I was one of the few who would get a few strike outs each game I was in there. I had the nasty habit of tossing high arc balls which would drop like a rock right on the plate.
    Broke my ankle sliding into third base one of the last games of the season. Suffered from that for quite a while.
    Enjoyed playing the game but fast pitch was tons more fun for me. Thanks again for the story...

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    very very interesting post. having much to learn I can see how each of these items can help. #2 really strikes a chord with me. I think about all of the times i have been unhappy with my throw and turned my back, ignoring what was actually happening on the lane. and forget about even watching what is happening to others. I started get a lot of info about what was going on when I started paying attention to what the ball was doing rather than turning away in disgust.
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    That's what I'm talking 'bout!

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