Ball Layout - 25x4.5x40
Test Pattern - WTBA Paris
Bowler Specs - 16mph, 425 rev rate, low track

The Trident Abyss has unbelievable capabilities compared to those earlier in the line. The Coercion HV3 Coverstock is so strong, but with an unreal amount of control, there is no doubt that the ball will absolutely hook. By far, this is the strongest I have ever thrown. I compared mine to my Jackal Rising and Trident Quest. While I typically like playjng smaller angles with the Jackal Rising, I naturaly played further left with the Abyss. The Abyss was able to create a shape that was able to play with the over/under as it was able to read early enough in the oil and not react as fast as the Quest when get the ball gets out earlier to the dry.

The Abyss is an unstoppable force. For as big overall as it is, the signature continuation is still there even when getting deep and way inside. If you need something that hooks, there is no doubt where to look.

Pros - Versatile Cover, Great Dull or Shiny, Aggressive Reading Lanes front to back
Cons - None

Darryl Carreon
MOTIV Staff | PBA Member