Ball Layout - 25x4.5x40
Test Pattern THS
Bowler Specs - 16mph, 425 rev rate, low track

The new Villain Scorn is a great addition to the original Villain. What I immediately saw with its reaction is the amount of recovery it has compared to the original. Not only can I open up my angles with it, the motion downlane is unlike any others in the current line. By far the Villain Scorn, is the most angular Assymetric ball I have had my hands on. When comparing to the other symmetric pearls, i.e. Primal Rage LE or the Lethal Paranoia, I am able to jump further left and project it further into the dry to create an angular shape that the others were not able to.
After adding a touch of surface, the amount of area it can create improves drastically. Although it slows the response just a little, the carry percentage does not decrease with a possibility of getting even better. What I love about the Villain Scorn is that you do not have to backdown at all with it. For me, the more aggressive I attack the lanes with it, the better results will show itself.

Pros - Versatile Cover, Great Dull or Shiny, Aggressive Reading Lanes front to back
Cons - None

Darryl Carreon
MOTIV Staff | PBA Member