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Thread: League Starts Tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpter View Post
    The line he stepped over was in relation to etiquette and sportsmanship. Monday morning we got an email that the league next to us were none too pleased which wasn't that unexpected. I half expected to get a complaint from the team we were playing against. This week they have us at the far end of the alley which is a good move. We are also playing against the team of the guy running the league which is another good move. I can't help but think the choice of opponent is not a coincidence.
    What was the behavior

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    I am a little confused. When you say over the line do you mean he stepped over the FOUL line or was acting like a fool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordman1 View Post
    I am a little confused. When you say over the line do you mean he stepped over the FOUL line or was acting like a fool?
    As I read the post it looks like he was acting likea fool. The only foul involved might be language.

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    1) In warm-ups he did not wait for the lanes on each side to be clear. One of the players in the other league said something, in not the kindest way, and 'our' guy gave him a bit of attitude but from then on observed proper etiquette on that matter.
    2) A few times he trash talked a guy on the team we were playing against. If they knew each other I would understand but they had just met. As more alcohol was added the trash talk escalated.
    3) He tried to distract one of the other teams bowlers as the guy was preparing to make his approach. The guy from the other team did an amazing job of ignoring him.

    He was a bit loud and animated but that part didn't bother me too much if done at the right time. I think he might have a bit of A.D.D. but not sure.

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    Yea trash talk and distracting on purpose are definite problems. Some friendly trashy talk when you know everyone is fine.

    As far as lane etiquette...its warm ups...get over it. I generally observe a lane curtesy during warmups, mostly out of habit, but iíve Probably bowled at the same time as others a few times or had others do it to me. As long as it doesnít happen during actual game play it doesnít matter to me.

    I would have more of an issue with number of turns taken in warmups. Most leagues Iíve done is one ball, strike, gutter, whatever, next guy up. If someone was taking two turns while everyone was taking one, then iíd Probably say something....unless it was a 10 pin leave, everyone asks to take the second shot at the ten pen occasionally lol

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    The other league was in the middle of a game while we were in warm-ups.

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