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Thread: Thumb Sticking

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    Again, where on your thumb is it sticking?
    There are finger exercises that may relieve stiffness.
    I guess that you're an avid golfer. Have you taken golf lessons? If so, have you considered taking some bowling lessons?

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    I can only surmise the sticking happens around the knuckle as A) that is the fattest part of the thumb, B) when sanding the hole I could feel the difference in pulling the thumb out when it is straight versus slightly bent and C) to resolve my issue last night I concentrated on keeping the thumb straight and that seems to solve the problem... until I was concentrating on something else. Being so new to the game I have a lot of swing thoughts going so I can sometimes slip back into bad habits while concentrating on something else.

    The finger exercises are a good call. I think it may be sprained so I have also looked up how to treat a sprained finger and will work on that as well.

    Sure, I have taken lessons for golf about once every 500 rounds played (so maybe 6 times). I wish I had taken more of an interest in it during my high school and college years to get consistent and structured instruction but that is not the case. I had other things on my mind during those years. It has not lessened my enjoyment of the game in fact I find it is increasing.

    I have considered bowling lessons and even have the name and contact of a coach (there are not a lot to choose from). At this point I have decided to hold off for a multitude of reasons.
    A) I am progressing at a pace I am happy with and I am not involved in anything that is overly competitive.
    B) Our team already has a distinct advantage on the field as all 4 players are either new to league bowling or have had an extended period away from league bowling. I'm just looking to enjoy the ride at this point.
    C) I am enjoying the learning process with tips from my father. It's nice to have something new that he can offer pointers on. It has been a nice bonding experience as my father gets up there in years. I won't have many, if any, opportunities like this going forward.

    That being said I am considering some lessons in the offseason.

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    Okay. Thanks!
    That Motiv Flex Tape you're using should have kept your thumb from sticking at all especially if you got the quickest release version (which IMHO is what you should be using at this point).
    Like I said before I've been down the road on thumb issues pretty much on my own with some help from my local PSO. If you just relax your hand in the ball while bowling, you should be just fine.
    The pad of your thumb should be grabbed by the ball on your backswing. Relax your thumb.
    Lessons for both sports are worth it if you'd like to improve and to get local help on finger and thumb issues, too. Nice to have your father around to help. If he was an avid bowler at one time, he's probably a pretty good resource as well. He's probably only a couple of years different in age than me.
    Sounds like you're on a good team and having fun. That's more than half the battle when you're in league. Good luck!!!

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    The Flex tape definitely helps and yes it is the quickest release version. Now the only time I have issues is when my release is off considerably and then it is only minor sticking issues. Much better than before. In 5 practice games on Saturday I didn't have many thumb stick issues but my middle finger was sore enough Sunday morning that I didn't feel comfortable bowling with my fingers in after the first few throws. I tried going to a 2-handed throw which was a bit of a disaster but it was quality time with pops so no big deal. Going in I had no idea how to properly throw 2-handed it was just a spur of the moment decision to not have to stop.

    Later that day I looked up some videos on the 2-handed technique where it seems most, if not all, are going with fingers in and thumb out. For now I have to keep my fingers (and thumb) out which may be contributing to my having trouble hitting my target line. I hope to get some practice Tuesday and Wednesday on the technique if the weather cooperates (it won't tonight). I did pick up a few pointers that should help at least a little. Come league night I will have to make a game time decision on 1-hand technique or 2-hand. The good news is I don't have to get very good with a 2-hand technique as my league average is so poor this far.

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    I just received an email from amazon that was for a "to me" new thumb sock for bowlers? What is that and has anyone ever used or seen it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordman1 View Post
    I just received an email from amazon that was for a "to me" new thumb sock for bowlers? What is that and has anyone ever used or seen it?
    Check out Pete Weber.

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    Unfortunately last night was the only time I was able to practice as the weather did not cooperate early in the week. League is tonight and I will have to see how the finger feels.

    I have come to the conclusion that no fingers in is not the way to go. I am certainly able to bowl pain free but accuracy is the problem. I only tried 2 throws with a normal 1 hand approach and didn't want to risk more as I felt the discomfort right away. I probably could have continued but I am sure the finger would have been very sore today. After a few games of experimenting with various techniques I ended up going to a 2-handed, fingers only and 1 step approach. My accuracy was better than the no finger approach but the scores were about 10 pins off my league average (35+ pins less than my non-league average). If I have to resort to that approach tonight so be it. I was able to bowl 7 practice games last night and the finger feels only slightly worse than it did yesterday morning.

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    New lesson learned. When playing with an injured finger don't go hard after a split even if you feel you are letting your teammates down. Dumb decision on my part. The finger feels better than after previous weeks of league play but if I didn't make that one stupid throw it would probably feel a whole lot better.

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