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Thread: Wait an hour and a half?

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    I agree...and I totally understand the open bowling concept. It's to have fun, right? But to not know anything about bowling etiquette or the safety hazards of bowling. It's posted in the restrooms and they play a short video on the tv screen in between the bowling scores...but hey, I feel like it's good practice with the distractions with birthday parties going on my left side and a group of college kids screaming and bowling between their legs....hmmm, the younger years...
    on top of that just think your bowling in a tournament in your local center with that going on but thats how they do things around my neck of the woods.. but understanding those who have groups with open bowling ....only video i see is when they cut the lights out and pull down the screens to play music videos or have a football or basketball game on....oh and we get those idiots where they go out and walk on the slick lanes to get their bowling ball out of the gutte rtoo.... very dangerous but it is what it is at my local center and others go in their and have a blast and treat the sport of bowling with respect but being young i understand i did the between the legs deal too..
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    Haha, in my neck of the woods, you usually only get serious bowlers until the beer leagues start on wednesday and friday or on friday and saturday nights. Its a 70 lane house, so there's always lanes available. I think if I had to wait that long at my home house, I'd drive the 10 minutes to another 40 lane place, but call ahead to reserve a lane.
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    Yeah, it's not too much fun waiting, but you gotta think, I was dumb enough to go on a friday night at 9pm thinking I wouldn't need to reserve a lane. Plus I'm going by myself, I don't find a need in having to call ahead of time, after all, it's only my entertainment, not for 3 other people to come with.

    But my bowling alley has 80 lanes!! Think about that. 80 lanes and a 2 hour wait for a lane... Holy COW.
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