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    Break down barriers and blaze down the lane with the Storm Super Soniq!

    The return of the Centripetal HD symmetric core in the Super Soniq brings shocking flare and an iconic ball motion that remains a key member of the Storm's Master line.

    Paired together with the NRG hybrid reactive coverstock finished at 3000-Grit Abralon, this ball will read earlier than the original Soniq and obliterate the pins in the backend.

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    Nice looking ball with a great back end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigmile View Post
    Nice looking ball with a great back end.
    What video are you watching? That ball exited light every time. Tony probably needed to be 1:1 left because he was barely carrying the 4-pin. But the last two bowlers...the ball exited the pin deck over top the 9-pin almost every time. In Becton's last shot...I don't know what actually caused the 9-pin to fall looks like a ghost or something...reached in and swatted it. #bowlingconspiracytheories

    I actually kinda like the ball...and I think the IQ series was one of the best ever...I'm just not sure the video does it much justice.
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    Strongly considering this as a replacement for my 5-year old IQ Nano. That ball has had a surprising life span. Mine is polished, though.
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