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Thread: Turbo grips

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    Default Turbo grips

    I'm trying to figure out what size my Turbo grips are. I pulled out both left and right fingers and they are 13 left and 3 right finger respectively.

    Also, are there different type of Turbo finger inserts?

    I had my inserts changed on Wednesday night league during the third game with Vise power lift inserts and what a difference and my game was vastly higher score and easy to strike. And I followed up on Friday night league with same 224, 212, 214 series with the same ball.

    I see that most of my inserts are set with the oval and not the lift on the Turbo brand.

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    I don't have any Turbo grips, but found this nice link on descriptions:
    They have several different types and it seems that some with the nubs might be good for me.
    The PSO here has Vise grips and he carries the ones with Oval and Power Lifts. I've found the ovals to be good. I've ordered the O-PO (oval - power oval) type and like the power oval for my ring finger.
    The two types of grips I have are marked 13/16 and size 8 plus 49/64 and size 6 1/2.
    Vise offers their catalog on their website and I didn't see any size 13; however, there is a 13/16th's like I use. Size 3 is listed as 21/32nd's and there is a size 6 at 3/4.
    Hope this helps...

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    Here is a size chart for Turbo grips. I prefer Turbo to Vise, myself. I use the Turbo Quad 2 with the nubs in the fingers.

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    13 is 13/16 and 3s3/4
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