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    Iím 18, 2 handed with 550+ revs and 16mph +, 210+ average. Currently throw Hyroad X and Pitch Black. Iím looking for something thatís gonna give me a lot of room to miss from left to right, Preferably something that will go longer, and can play in between the x and pitch black. Iím a big storm/Roto Grip guy.

    Also looking for thoughts on Roto Grip Unhinged/Uproar and Storm reign of power. Also looking for them to buy.

    Currently looking at:
    Hustle Ink
    Halo Pearl
    Hyroad Pearl
    Super Sonic

    Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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    Unfortunately there is not a ball that will allow you to have a lot of miss room. You are the biggest factor in that and making sure you are accurate.

    The Unhinged/Uproar and Reign of Power are all discontinued balls and likely only available used.

    Of the other balls listed, I would say Hustle INK is the one that is between HyRoad X and Pitch Black. Halo Pearl is stronger as if the Super Sonic.
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