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Thread: Are you devoted to one brand?

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    I was a Columbia 300 guy mostly in the 80's 90's and early 2000's. After a 13 year break and 2 hip replacements I am all Roto Grip now. I am still relearning the game and think I would get more confused with all the other choices now. I would consider Storm as they are the same company. Steve
    Current arsenal...Roto Grip Halo Vision, Idol Pro, MVP and Own It Spare. 330 rev rate, 16 mph off hand, 13.3 tilt,61 degrees rotation pap 4 9/16 over 1 1/8 up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boatman37 View Post
    In my previous bowling life I only used Brunswick but this was back in the early 90's when there wasn't much to choose from. The first ball I bought last year after coming back was a used Storm Sync that had a small crack by the thumbhole so couldn't get it redrilled. Then I bought a Hammer Black Widow Gold, then a Brunswick Rhino then a Brunswick Kingpin then lastly the Radical Conspiracy. So my 4 ball bag has 2 Brunswicks, a Hammer, and a Radical. My favorite is the Radical so will likely be my next ball too.
    Look at the specs on the Radical Conspiracy (core). They're what make the ball your favorite, not the name on the cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobLV1 View Post
    Look at the specs on the Radical Conspiracy (core). They're what make the ball your favorite, not the name on the cover.
    You could be right. I still don't know enough about the technicals of ball construction to determine which ball will do what until after I try it. All I know is the Conspiracy hits harder than any of my others and I seem to have a little more room for error with it. I know my PSO loves Radical too but he does use others in the family (Brunswick for one).

    I had mentioned before that he has never checked any of my stats. Last night one of the guys we bowled against asked him at the end of the night to check his. I know they found his PAP and he recorded a few shots after that from directly behind him but I left before they were done so not sure if they got all stats or stopped there. I mentioned to him that I want him to check mine some night.
    All of mine are drilled similar to what the drill sheets call 'All Purpose'. Mine are all drilled pin just above the ring finger and the MB kicked out beside the thumb about 1.5" or so. So seems he likes to just drill them to a more 'average' layout. I would like to get all of my specs just for curiosity and maybe get some layout advice based on those stats. At my level not sure how much of a difference it would make but couldn't hurt. I'm just getting settled into my current release and still pretty inconsistent with it so would rather wait until I get more consistent to get these numbers
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    I have pretty much thrown them all. I will say without any doubt that Pyramid is the best brand that I have ever used. Besides making great products they are very affordable. Only single downside - if you bowl in PBA events, they are not registered. All of the brands pass that $500,000 + registration fee along to all users of their stuff. Upside, Pyramid passes the saving on to you.

    Check out Pyramid's Facebook page, they recently had some great testimonials. I concur.

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    I've thrown every major brand...and I don't limit myself to just one brand. Agree with limits you unnecessiarily. Most bowlers either do it because they look at bowling balls like Nascar where they have to root for one brand...for some reason. Historically, pre-internet, bowlers tended to do it because pro shops limited the brands they carried...and bowlers were thus limited to those brands.

    The only advantage to brand loyalty is it is easier to build a progression style arsenal. Similar brands use similar technologies and materials...they design their releases to compliment one another. So, you can buy a Ball X Pearl, Hybrid, and Solid...and you can put together a good progression. With varying have a lot more variables to deal with.

    I tend to "favor" Brunswick...I just seem to throw them better...overall. I tend to try and avoid Rotogrip because every Rotogrip I've thrown has been a horrible fit to my game. And I won't throw Motiv because they have a history of cheating.

    I keep track of the best/worst balls I've ever thrown...and the list currently looks like this (best to worse):

    Very Good
    1. Radical
    2. Brunswick
    3. Brunswick

    4. Brunswick

    5. Columbia 300
    6. Storm
    7. Brunswick
    8. Hammer
    9. 900Global
    10. Ebonite

    Below Average
    11. Columbia 300
    12. Rotogrip

    13. Rotogrip
    14. Columbia 300
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    I wouldn't say that I stick with a single brand of bowling ball, but as someone who is biased towards Hammer I have found that there are some benefits with sticking to a few brands. As Rob was saying earlier, each brand has different coverstock make-ups and there is definitely a benefit to bouncing around brands to fill your bag...on the flipside, if there is a core/coverstock combination that you really love (for me, I love the symmetrical/polish combination of the Hammer Vibe)it becomes easy when I need to replace that piece. Also, if you are someone who doesn't purchase a lot of equipment and you know that you have a good amount of success with a combination (Widow Core for Hammer, the Hy-Roads for Storm, the Cell core for Roto Grip, etc.) it can be a lot easier to purchase equipment and have confidence that you will have an idea of what you are getting.
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    Iím pretty much loyal to Roto Grip and Storm. Started off with Storm and then messed around with DV8 and Brunswick as the new pro shop sold it and I went to a ball demo and shot well with them. But I went back to Storm and when Hype Cell Fused cam out, I bought it and since only bout Roto Grip.
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