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Thread: Open Bowling During League Play

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    I'm pretty sure I'm with the consensus here. If something was going on 3-4 lanes away from him distracting him it's his problem not the houses. I've actually had a few instances of open bowler right next to me during league as long as they half way have lane courtesy and aren't doing anything dangerous I'm ok with it. Under no circumstances does the league deserve more than what it their contract with the house and I've never seen more than a 2 lane buffer in a contract in my life. It's usually one.
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    I'm with everyone else. I don't see a problem with them being 3 lanes over. I don't think the house did anything wrong.

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    With the assumption that your league is one-lane courtesy I would say that the house gave three times the expectation and that people are looking for excuses around their own performance. The house would have a reasonable expectation that (a) three lanes are plenty and (b) that league bowlers would understand how to behave on the lanes they are given. I'm just not very sympathetic to a situation that seems to be an issue with concentration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vdubtx View Post
    3 lanes and was distracted?? That is certainly not the houses problem, that would be the bowler.

    Heck, we have been in a house that puts open bowlers on the first open pair as soon as league starts to finish up.

    Some of my best practice can be when I am next to families bowling when little ones run up on the lanes. Having tunnel vision or blocking those distractions out are part of the mental game of bowling.
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