Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Bama Lanes will close to essentially move over to a new building and a new center (Bowlero), so that's a wash. Unless they decide not to support league bowling.

But the loss of Leland Lanes is going to be felt. I would bet, without ever having bowled in whatever house *you* bowl in, that this place was one of the 10 hardest houses in America during its heyday. In 1999, on week 33 of a 36-week men's top-division league ... we had our first 600 of the year. Not me. Not my team. THE LEAGUE. House-high average was 188 that year.

Oil pattern was 12 units between the 10s, and 10 units from the 2-board to 10. Same shot every year for f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Length differed on just about every lane based on when the psychotic oil machine decided to stop (which was sometimes all the way down into the pindeck). It was supposed to stop at 32 feet. Think of that shot shape during the resin era. I remember it well.

It's gotten much easier in recent years due to changes in philosophy (and a new lane oiler), but those are still real wood lanes and there are cracks in the heads and pocket-side hits still leave corners by default.

Godspeed you, Leland Lanes. And especially the long-time employees that have been around for all of it.