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    I am left-handed, throw around 15 or more mph, I currently throw a Roto Grip SD73 with a second arrow break. I am looking for a ball that is a little more aggressive especially on oily lanes. Current average 164, have bowled for over 20 yrs and never learned the technical terms.

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    Due to the age of the bowling ball and not knowing the maintenance routine you employed, it is almost impossible to make a comparison to current equipment. Roto Grip's site mentions that balls in the HP3 line may be comparable, but with such a time difference I don't know the value in that. To get a good perspective you will need to go to a pro-shop and have them watch you bowl to make an educated decision on equipment you should throw.
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    Pretty much what he said above. I'll also add that "aggressive" can mean different things to different people. An early-reading ball may be more continuous in shape and move sooner in the oil, but it won't look like as much of a curve. If you get a later-reacting ball it can turn more severely at the end of the oil - looking more like a "hockey stick" type of path to the pins.

    What exactly are you looking for in terms of overall ball shape? Do you have any brand preferences? To be honest almost any ball you get will most likely seem like "more" out of the box than what you have now, given the age of your ball.

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