Weight Block: Gear™ APG
Cover Stock: Coercion™ MFS Reactive
Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
Length: 14
Backend: 17
Hook: 53
Flare Potential: 3+
Layout: 39 x 4 ˝ x 29

“There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes.”- August Strindberg

Venom Strike
Venom Toxin
Venom Shock
Venom Panic
Venom Cobra
Venom Shock Pearl
And introducing the 7th installment of venom weaponry Motiv Bowling presents the first Venom Asymmetrical the Venom Recoil.

The Venom Recoil is the 3rd Venom that possesses a solid coverstock since the Venom Strike and the Venom Shock, Coercion MFS Reactive Coverstock is what is wrapped around it and its the same cover stock as on the Villain. The out of box finish comes at 4000 LSS finish. At the core of the Venom Recoil is where the audible it as it is the 1st Venom that is asymmetrical, the Asymmetric Performance Gain Core.

Reaction: The reaction of the Venom Recoil is something I noticed instantly that separated itself from its predecessors, that being the swift movement it makes exiting the pattern. Venom Recoil will not only provide you with ample hook but I found it to be rather versatile on a variety of conditions save for the extremes of oil and friction, to an extent I was successful on heavier patterns by adjusting Coercion with a green scotch brite pad. However there are better options for heavier patterns such as Trident Abyss, Jackal Rising, and of course Golden Jackal. Using a white scotch brite pad on Venom Recoil you can take advantage of the friction by playing in it should you not want to bounce it off of it, this ball is reasonable benchmark ball in the small ball category.

Comparisons: Venom Shock: Venom Shock has a smaller hook potential than Venom Recoil, using it on 3 different house shots I found it stronger by a couple boards. In terms of ball motion Venom Shock doesn’t turn the corner as swiftly as Venom Recoil.

Venom Shock Pearl: Venom Recoil is not as clean as its Hexion sibling Venom Shock Pearl and it isn’t as angular, Venom Recoil does handle heavier patterns than Venom Shock Pearl however. Backend wise VSP will provide you with more overall.

Summary: The 7th installment of the Venom line will provide you with a different shape that you haven’t seen out of its predecessors, those that have both Venom Shock and Venom Shock Pearl will be pleased to have Venom Recoil round out the bench march position. I’m pleased with the hook potential overall as it provides me with the most I have ever gotten out of Venom weaponry, Motiv Bowling has yet again created another ball that does as advertised.

Don’t just beat the competition

Poison the competition.

Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II
Motiv Staffer