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Thread: Let's talk turkey, what makes a good ball a good ball to you?

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    Default Let's talk turkey, what makes a good ball a good ball to you?

    When choosing a new ball, what makes you decide "this is the right fit"?

    I'm curious on everyone's decision making process.

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    Personally I lean a lot on my PSO. I have a very general thought around what I want my arsenal to look like (1 Asym/Dull, 1 Asym/Polish, 1 Sym/Dull, 1 Sym/Polish, 1 Urethane, 1 Spare) and then I fill in/replace equipment depending on which of these I need and discuss with the pro shop operator. I may look at a reaction video or two, but those very rarely provide information that helps me personally in making my decision.
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    Usually I will rely on my PSO. When I do want to add it is to fill a specific need for my arsenal.

    They will almost always push their brand that they are on staff with, but the good ones will also know what other brands can do and make suggestions for those as well.

    Ball Demo's are awesome if you can get them in your area. Recently we had an all brand Mega Demo in Dallas area and could try a bunch of balls all at one time.

    My choice to add another ball recently was I needed a ball for later blocks. It came down to Roto Grip Idol Pearl. Idol pearl rolled so well for me and was super smooth and I had it drilled up somewhat neutral like they have the balls drilled up for the demo's.
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    In the past....a ball that is < $110 shipped. I've more fully understood arsenals and progressions...

    I generally need 4 balls...each that meet a certain set of specifications. Each year, I will replace 2-4 of the balls. The ball I need to replace will dictate what type of ball I need to replace it with.

    When I was getting bi-monthly coaching, I would tell my coach what 2-4 balls I was thinking of having drilled up and she would recommend the order and add any suggestion on layout changes or surfacing. As I started to understand things more and more, I could usually figure this out on my own.

    Sometimes a ball doesn't work for coach could see that...and would usually help select a better option...usually a brand that the coach represents, of course.

    Even though they are generally useless, I'll usually watch ball videos when new releases come out. If I like the ball motion that matches my style...I make a note of that ball. But, at the end of the day, I am going to need a ball that fits a certain slot/position. So, if I have 5 balls on my "wish list" that are all skid/flip balls or for dry conditions...and I need a ball #1 or ball #2...then my list doesn't help me much.

    Up until 2020-2021...I've not needed to go hunting for a ball...because the "closet of destiny" provided me with an ample supply of possibilities. But, after a few instances of undrilled balls cracking on me...I've decided to limit the closet of destiny to balls I've won ...and then just order balls when the time comes.
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