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Thread: Ball needs different surface

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aslan View Post
    I think people are messing with surface too much.

    For me, I generally know what surface I need on each ball. It takes weeks of bowling to make me think..."ya know, next time I surface my equipment, I'm gonna drop down to a 1000 or 1500" or "next time I resurface, I'm gonna use Step 2 instead of Step 3".

    You have to have you bowling balls set up properly in a good, sensical progression...then you can use minor surface adjustments to fine tune your reaction based on what you are seeing week-to-week.

    And when I say "surface adjustments"...I mean with a ball spinner. I have ZERO confidence in a person being able to put a good, repeatable surface on a ball by just rubbing it with a pad while spinning it around in your hands. I'd love to see the data on see the difference between doing a 1000-2000-3000 on a spinner versus somebody spinning a ball in their hand with a 3000 pad for 5 minutes.

    That's another reason I think bowlers should surface less frequently. Very few bowlers have spinners...and going to your pro shop constantly to get a certain surface adjustment is going to be $$$. Know your arsenal, know your progression, give it at least a few weeks to figure out what you might want to change...THEN take it into the pro shop (if you don't have your own spinner).

    Now, if you're sweeping in Vegas or doing a challenge/sport shot league...or a tournament...thats totally different. You may need to make significant surface changes to bowl in those type of environments. IMO.
    It depends on what you are trying to do in my opinion and the starting surface. If my 2k finished ball appears to be laboring I can easily hit that with a 1500 pad in my hands to fix that for a week until I have time to take it to the pro shop for a complete resurface. When I do that it's not 5 minutes its about 2 minutes and I doubt that surface lasts near as long. I may experiment with adding some surface or removing some while on the lanes practicing. I'm not trying to refinish a ball to a polished surface with out a spinner or thinking it's the same or will last as long. Handsurfacing is temporary in my opinion
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    I have an Innovative spinner so yes I am using a spinner. But last week during warmups I hit the Kingpin with the 3000 by hand real quick just to delay the reaction a little because it was so close to the Conspiracy.

    I understand what you are saying about practicing with the new surface but the Conspiracy is the same as it was last time I did it. I just freshened it up. The Kingpin was still too close to the Conspiracy so went a little smoother to have some difference between the 2. Once I find what I like in the Kingpin and BWG I will have a good baseline. But for now still trying to find that baseline to where I have 3 options with progression
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