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Thread: Asbestos-Filled Bowling Balls Killed Former Owner of Arcata Bowl

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    Post Asbestos-Filled Bowling Balls Killed Former Owner of Arcata Bowl

    I didn't know this, but a co-worker brought this article over to my desk this morning.

    Apparently, Ebonite used asbestos dust in their plastic bowling balls. They purchased this dust as a waste/filler from Honeywell. Honeywell generated this dust at their brake pad production facilities and sold this 'waste' as a commercial filler product.

    SO...for all you old timer pro shop owners that drilled some plastic Ebonite balls back in the 1960s...OR for you ball drillers that are asked to drill old Ebonite plastic balls from the 1960s...asbestos is no joke. Even a small amount, when inhaled...and over time...often leads to mesothelioma.

    And always use good ventilation when working on bowling balls...even newer ones. If you don't have good ventilation and do a lot of work on bowling balls, get yourself a box of some disposable dust masks.
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    The wife and I talked about this. In my field of work we have this all around our building. It has a 30 year latency period so you won’t even know you have a problem for some time. And typical dust masks do very little. Stay safe and thanks for posting this.


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