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Thread: Not a new member but been gone for a long time

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    Default Not a new member but been gone for a long time

    I used to post a lot of here and I'm going to try to again. My game has improved a good amount I've bought many balls thinking that would help sometimes it actually does. I think when I posted here two years ago I was a average like 160 my last average was 180 I've been shooting a lot of High games I just can't put them together sometimes anyway please welcome me again and I'll try to post some more thanks

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    Sounds pretty good I'd say. What is happening that has allowed your average to improve by 20 pins? I'd say the reason that my average hasn't improved is that my spare shooting is a little better, but I'm often leaving the 3-pin on the first ball which may leave several other pins making it difficult to make the spare sometimes. Then I'll make an adjustment and then hit the head pin very light leaving the 2-pin along with other pins which make the spare shot tough as well. For example, a 2-8-10. Sure makes bowling interesting...

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    Welcome back

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    Welcome back! It's awesome that you were able to up your average by so much. Do you think it was mostly from trying new balls, or was it something else that helped you so much? :-)


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