At practice Wednesday I played 4 games and shot a 122,147,135 and 163. I use the plastic only for the strike shot and for picking up spares. The last time I used a plastic was 1980. My recent balls were a reactive Raw Hammer Anger and a urethane Blue Hammer. I gave up the Anger ball to my league partner because I couldn't control the reaction with my no approach I have to use now because of a bad sliding leg knee. With my normal approach I was 14.5mph at the pins. Now with no approach it is 9.5mph at the pins. This is the reason for the plastic ball I just got. Because of my slower speed I can get a good hook to the pocket. I stand with the arch of my slide foot on board 30 and belly it out to board 6 and I can get it to hook and roll to the pocket. When I first got it I thought that I would hook it maybe 4 boards only. I guess because I have been bowling on this league for 32 years I have a good release and can make this plastic ball do what it does for me now. This was my fourth practice time out with this plastic. We bowl four practice games. The more I bowl with it the more I like it. Before practice they just oiled the alleys we were going to use. Even with fresh oil I was able to work the plastic ball pretty good. I will continue to use just the plastic for the strike shot and for spare pickup until our new season starts in September. I will have a good idea how it will work for me by then. The pattern we bowl on is 42' long.