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Thread: Contest July 22, 2019 to July 28, 2019 - PBS Planet Earth Hybrid

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    Quote Originally Posted by skittle1474 View Post
    Had a 264 game today with my new PBS Planet Earth Hybrid bowling ball that I received earlier today. The lanes were pretty dry. Had to stand 8 boards to the left of my normal starting point. This ball has a great back end and I only left a couple of 10 pins.
    Nice job! That's awesome. I can't wait to see if I win this one. I could really use a bowling ball like this.

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    All of the PBS (Professional Bowling System) bowling balls are very colorful with lots of movement. They would make a great addition to anyones bowling ball arsenal.

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    I would Love to give PBS a try. Colorful, specs look like it would be a good ball for benchmark for me. Definitely interested.

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    I would be more than happy to give this a try and add it to my arsenal (which is very small at present.)

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    Congratulations to Charles Wilkins IV on winning the Planet Earth Hybrid!

    Be sure to comment on this week's giveaway thread for another chance at winning a FREE ball!

    Have a great week everyone!
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