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Thread: New Arsenal Drilled and Ready-to-Go!!

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    Post New Arsenal Drilled and Ready-to-Go!!

    For a background on this discussion; feel free to review this thread.

    So, last night I had a tough decision to make. Stay true to my original plans and drill the Grudge Hybrid or switch it out with the Special Ops.

    The real problem was:

    1) If I push the Grudge Hybrid to the next rotation...then I'll have the same problem a year from now....because the Grudge Hybrid will be arguably stronger than the Optimus Solid I have planned to be Ball #1 next year.

    2) The Special Ops is arguably weaker than the Gold Rhino Pro...which means I'd almost be better off just using the Gold Rhino Pro as the ball down option.

    3) The entire reason I HAVE the Grudge Hybrid, is my first Thug Life cracked while still under warranty. So, there's a decent chance that if I don't use the Grudge Life sooner rather than'll also crack. And the whole reason I'm using it in this spot in the first my 900Global The Nuts cracked before I could use it.

    So, I had the 4 new balls drilled.

    The ball driller drilled the Mystic with the pin down and to the right...I think the pin to PAP ended up being about 5 inches.

    The Grudge Hybrid and Fortera Exile were drilled with the pin up...a little more so than my previous Pin Up drillings.

    The Rhino Pro, the ball driller drilled the right finger right on top the pin...I think it ended up making the pin to PAP about 3.75 inches.

    I tried the balls afterwards and, as I feared, the Grudge Hybrid and Aura Mystic were pretty darn close....the Grudge Hybrid may even still be a bit stronger.

    The Fortera Exile was quite a bit weaker...although this is a fresher pattern than I would normally roll that ball on.

    The Gold Rhino Pro was also noticeably weaker...which it should be.

    I figure the new arsenal, with slightly more rpms due to the one pound weight drop and the overall stronger equipment...would allow me to move inside a little...and it did. Not much...I figure 1 board left with my target...keeping my feet the same. So, arguably...that could mean the reaction is actually weaker than my previous arsenal.

    But, it's early. I'll know more Wednesday when I'm bowling in fresh conditions.

    If there isn't enough difference between the Aura Mystic and Grudge Hybrid...even after tweaking the surfaces...I could use the Rhino Gold as the ball down option...and just use my time in league practice to determine whether to start with the Grudge or Mystic. It takes an option away...but it would allow me to get more use out of the Rhino Gold Pro...which otherwise would only get used sporadically in longer tournaments, on very dry lanes, and/or on sport/challenge conditions.
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    I have some experience with a few of these balls. The grudge is probably a little stronger than you think already. One of the bigger snow tires produced (needs lots of oil) I've never seen a Aura mystic roll so no comments there, The exile is weak I have a few friends who rolled it it's the weakest of your new ones it does hit well just never moves like you'd think, the gold rhino can be a good ball if your like most I've seen use it oob is an over/under nightmare add a little surface you'll like it probably should be at about 3k. Just looking at the numbers the Grudge should be earlier than the Mystic but if it's an issue the current surface on they Grudge hybrid is 500/4000 you might change that to 500/3000 or 500/2000 would be my suggestion. Good Luck bud
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