Hello BowlingBoards.com Members.

We want you to have a voice here. Not that everything can or will happen, yet we take EVERY suggestion and request and do what we can.

So we will keep a list of things going on around here and what has happened. Please list any requests or suggestion you have here so we can start working on them.

2009 BowlingBoards.com Feature List

Bowling Score Tracking and Analysis Software - Added
> This will FREE service allows for you to track all of your bowling leagues scores and analyze your progress. You can also track your practice sessions and tournaments with this service.

Bowling Alley Phone Number, Address, and Map Lookup - Added
> You can look up phone numbers, addresses, get maps and more for any bowling alleys in your area or any other state. Also you can use this for finding phone numbers for hotels, restaurants, people and more. All for FREE!

Marketplace - Added
> For some bowlers, it is important to be able to sell their gear and stuff via a marketplace. We have add this forum to let members sell video games, books, gear or whatever to earn money for bowling gear or whatever. Also you will be seeing promotional items from online stores soon too.

Chat Room - Coming Soon
> Being able to have live conversations with other bowlers is a great feature and we are excited to bring it very soon. We are getting the final phases completed and any bugs checked out. You will be able to post in the forums but also talk in real time with any bowlers who are also signed on. With so many applications out there, getting one that works well with BowlingBoards.com is vital. So the test phase should be out within 2 to 3 weeks.

Bowling Blogs - Coming Soon
> If you have an opinion about bowling, but no where to share it, we have you covered. We are finishing the design and layout phase and will be accepting Authors and Contributors very soon. You will be able to talk about bowling, the PBA, and more.

If you have any suggestions or requests, LET US KNOW. We do care and we will listen to EVERY request.

And as always, PLEASE do tell your friends, family, league members, pro shop any one and everyone about us.

Thanks for everyone's help

Chris - BowlingBoards.com