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Thread: Polish vs 4000-5000 AVBRALON OR CTD

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    Default Polish vs 4000-5000 AVBRALON OR CTD

    Will using a high grit number sanding pad --say 4000 abralon--or 3000/then 500d CTD--do the same job as using a polish?
    Halo solid right now at 1500 with sanding pad. Which technique would give me more length but good backend?

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    Unfortunately there is no set formula. I remember a few years ago bowling leagues in two different houses in Vegas. One of the balls that I had at the time was the Storm T Road Pearl. It was a great ball, but it needed polish at Red Rock Lanes, and surface at Suncoast. Fortunately I have a ball spinner in my garage, so changing it each week was no big deal.


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