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Thread: Adding Halo Pearl or Halo Vision

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    Default Adding Halo Pearl or Halo Vision

    Looking at adding a Halo Vision or Halo Pearl to my bag. Anyone using either of these --or both-- and a Halo solid.

    Reason: Rt hander---I'm looking for a ball that will give me the ability to move further inside after game 1 on THS. My Halo solid doesn't make it around the corner in later games. I don't want to "ball down" and move outside 8 or at the arrows or more down and in moving feet much further rt and then ball down to go down and in. I tend to pull across my body when I do this.---and prefer not to add urethane.

    Using Halo solid--Game one I'm at 27 board from right w left foot and target 10/2nd arrow. Ball starts to go high after game one but if I move my feet and target 10 or further left a little, I can't make the ball finish strong enough.
    Thus--looking at a Vision or H pearl for game 2-3.

    Suggestions? Give up bowling and golf more? NOPE!


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    Until someone chimes in that have these balls, here is a link to the site for the Halo Pearl and Halo Vision. After reading the reviews of these 2 balls you may get an indication of what these balls will do you in different situations.

    Halo Pearl: Scroll to the bottom and click on "Reviews"

    Halo Vision: Scroll to the bottom and click on "Reviews"
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    Let me make this very simple for you. The only noticeable difference between these three balls is the surface. Buy any of them and feel free to change the surface to whatever works for you. Strike a blow for bowling Voodoo marketing that tries to get bowlers to buy the same ball three times... make it work for you!

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    My guess would be if the Halo solid doesn't make it back for you neither of these will either. The Halo Solid is a pretty strong ball you may find something that has a different movement as in it hooks earlier or later but it really wont be more. The ball you throw generally controls when the ball starts to hook but how much is a combination of your ball speed and the revs you put on it with your release. It's possible the ball may be burning up a bit so it appears to be hooking less later in the sets if this is the case you would be better off with a ball with less surface or a higher rg.
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    This is what I would do. Find a time to go open bowling that the pro shop is also open. Then use your Halo solid for a little bit to get a feel for the lanes - hopefully they are not so torched that this won't work (you are really looking for something that resembles the transition you are struggling with). Once the lanes get to that point, you may have to break them down a bit, go to the proshop and have the ball resurfaced to a 1500 grit polished surface (what the Halo Pearl has). Now go back to your lanes and see how the ball reacts - this will give you an idea if the polished Halo is something you want to have in your bag in addition to the solid Halo. Since you already have the Halo there is no reason to go into this decision blindly. Without seeing the rest of your arsenal though it is hard to tell if this is the correct path for you; as Aymers said above you may want to look into something with a higher RG and a polished surface to conserve energy down lane.
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