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    Anybody have a review on California Bowling balls? There's a new guy I bowl with who is on staff with them and said he can get me a pretty good discount. I have just never heard of them before. It looks like they sell balls under 3 different brands: SWAG, Lane Masters, and Lord Field.

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    I would reach out to edpup316 (maybe even private message him). He posts a fair amount of reaction videos for them so he can likely give you some information and comparables in regards to their equipment.
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    Thank you ALazySavage for the mention.

    I am also on staff with California Bowling. First off, you may here some sour grapes about the company. The company has a history. It started off strong with some good pieces and building reputation. It turned south for a couple years poor decision making by some people within the company. It has really turned around the last 4 years or so I have thoroughly enjoyed throwing their equipment. All of that to simply mention that anything most of the negative things you may hear will be from people who experience the company back when things weren't so great.

    As a guy that spent a lot of years competitively as a jr and now as an adult bowling PBA Regionals, performance is on par with any of the other companies and the three different brands, which may be excessive, does provide a variety of shapes. Where some would describe Stroms ball motion as angular or aggressive of the spot and Brunswick and more rolly and early reading.

    If you do need anything else or more information, please do feel free to message me!
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