Weight Block: Oblivion™
Cover Stock: Infusion™ Reactive
Finish: 5000 LSP
Length: 16.5
Backend: 18.5
Hook: 53
Flare Potential: 5+


1. Weaponry that possesses the pearl Infusion coverstock technology with a reactive cover that gives easy length with incredible down lane motion, a cover that is tuned for today’s higher viscosity oils to provide length without risking the ball slipping through the breakpoint.

2. Weaponry that possesses the Oblivion core known for creating as much angle and continuation through the pins as possible. The massive flip block on the bottom of the Oblivion core only adds to the angle it creates.

Ball Reaction

Swift angularity. Ripcord will get you down lane however once it sees what it wants to see it’s swiftly going left (or right) and roll up is even which is to be expected considering Oblivion is at the center. If you’re playing on high friction conditions higher ball speeds will enjoy watching Ripcord’s swift backend motion, as long as you have the courage to move left Ripcord has enough angularity to recover. To those with lower ball speeds will see Ripcord’s swiftness at an earlier rate and if that is not to your liking I recommend our hi-gloss polish, that will keep the Oblivion core from starting up earlier than desired.

The layout in my Ripcord is 68 x 4 x 45. Out of box Ripcord is just as advertised being swift and angular, as the friction increased so did my angles and projection. As the midlane friction increased so did the presence of the Oblivion core and at that point I had the option of moving left or I could ball down, I often chose to continue to move left because of the continuation the Oblivion core provides me with. At no point did I feel as if Ripcord would not recover and as swift as the angularity is within Ripcord it wasn’t knifing through the pin deck playing sharp angles.

Strength: The back end reaction is what makes the Ripcord great. Ripcord offers substantial continuation off the breakpoint and does not stop.

Weakness: On longer patterns can push Ripcord too far down the lane before it sees enough friction to turn over.


Infusion does as advertised. Oblivion does as advertised. Ripcord does as advertised. Motiv has a long track record of creating weaponry that does as advertised , something I love about this company. Ripcord will provide you with as much angularity as you desire as long as you are willing to play the angles you desire.

Ripcord can fill a number of spots in the your bag as it can be used as a skid/flip ball on the fresh for medium length patterns, or as the weapon to go into when bigger weapons like Trident Abyss start hooking too early and become too smooth down lane.

Ripcord serves me well as my angular benchmark to the even counterpart to my T10 and it will tell me if the part of the lane I want to play is open to me or not, only on heavier conditions was the Ripcord not as useful as I wanted it to be however that is why I have Abyss and Golden Jackal. If you are in the market for what I call swift angularity I would encourage you give Ripcord a look and when you do Rip It.

Rip It good.

Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II
Motiv Staffer