Rogue Assassin
Coverstock: Coercion HFS Reactive
Core: Sigma (Symmetric)
Surface: 3000 Grit LSS
Length: 14
Backend: 16
Flare Potential: 5+
Layout : 90 x 2 ľ x 45

The was an idea to create a weapon that was capable of being a control benchmark on medium oil, capable of providing traction in the oil, and to provide a controllable down lane motion, The end result was the Rogue Assassin. The Sigma core is our benchmark standard as it provided bowlers with stability that dates back to the SX1, SR2, Sigma Hybrid, Sigma Tour, Sigma Sting, Forza SS and Rogue Blade.

Coercion is our proven coverstock thatís been utilized on heavier oil weaponry is intended to increase friction on heavier conditions so Rogue Assassin will allow you to assassinate, Coercion provides more traction in the oil than Rogue Bladeís Hexion SE cover and has a box finish of 3000 to the 4000 of Rogue Blade.

The aggressiveness of the Coercion coverstock makes it smoother at the breakpoint compared to weapons such as Rogue Blade, Ripcord, and Villain Scorn however it does possess more overall total hook, I consider this trait to be a plus because attached to the overall strong hook is the strong continuation. Much like with Trident Abyss Rogue Assassin is best suited for heavier conditions, and Coercion offers more overall total hook compared to Golden Jackal, T10, and Ripcord. As aggressive as Rogue Assassin is it does require oil upfront to perform at a desirable level, short oil patterns didnít quite give me the ball motion I was looking for and at that point I audibled out to a smaller weapon.

Rogue Assassin will offer you more overall hook than its predecessor Rogue Blade, as I fan of the Sigma Core it was a no brainer why it was love at first roll. Assassinís use weapons of assassination to assassinate so I encourage you to take a look at Rogue Assassin.

Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II
Motiv Staffer