It's airing tomorrow night on NBCSN at 7PM EDT. Anyone going to be watching it? The first one back in April or May, the amateur bowler won 270k. This one has a top prize of 100k with 65k for the runner up.

I was actually at the taping of this yesterday so I got to watch it live. It was fun being there and I got to meet Belmo, Bill O'Neill and Diana Zavjalova, I was able to get a picture of them with my daughter. I also saw Jesper Svensen, EJ Tackett, Norm Duke, Anthony Simonsen, Stephanie Johnson and Sandra Gongora, I didn't get a chance to talk or take a picture with them though. Everyone seemed really nice, especially Norm Duke.

If you spot a fat guy with a bright pink shirt on in the stands during bowling. That's me. =P