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Thread: Picked up an AMF Night Hawk Menace

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    Default Picked up an AMF Night Hawk Menace

    Hello all,

    I recently picked up an undrilled Night Hawk Menace. Hoping to hear from some that have experience with this ball.

    Mostly will be thrown on a THS, looking for a smooth backend. My house doesn't put down a lot of volume, so most of the time I'm using older stuff (JPF Black Axe, Ebonite Blue Nitro, Fab Black Hammer with pretty good success of 600+)

    Speed is between 15.5-16.5, medium rev rate, mostly throw an outside line. Any recommendations on layout and surface? Thank you in advance.

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    Here are the numbers on the Menace - RG: 2.52 Diff: .045 Core: Asymmetrical. The surface is described as 1000 grit, but as we know that can greatly vary and with this much age I wouldn't trust that number.

    Difficulty you are going to find when asking for opinions here is with the age of the ball you are going to be asking people to remember a piece 13 years old (from what I can see) and their games (as well as the bowling environment) likely have greatly changed. If you are going to want this to be smooth you are going to want to keep up with the surface on this ball since the core will be fighting against you in that desire (asymmetrical tends to be jerky), but with low volume you will have to watch for the ball rolling out. I would recommend doing some research on what you are currently throwing as well as this ball so you can compare what you should be seeing.
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