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    I am 75 years old. I use a 10# ball that really curves well. My average is 126. I want to move up to a 12# ball. My ball speed is about 12.75 mph. What would be a good ball for me. Thanks.

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    I'm a couple years younger than you. I switched from 16 lb. balls to 15 lb. about 3 years ago. My ball speed is around 16 mph. Use reactive resin balls for my strike shots and a urethane ball without a weight block in it for most spare shots.
    Should we guess on what type of ball you're currently using? That is, is it a reactive resin ball? Or a urethane ball? Or a plastic ball? Or could you be using an old hard rubber ball like a Brunswick Black Beauty?
    I bought a 12 lb. plastic Columbia White Dot ball several years ago for fun. I never used it in any league, but took it for practice a few times. I could probably loft it down the alley 20 feet or more if I wanted. The light weight doesn't keep me from flipping my hand all over the place and my accuracy is terrible with it. So I'd say that you're increasing the weight of your ball would be good thing. I must be a lot bigger than you if you're using a 10 lb. ball now. I'm about 6 feet tall and weigh 208 lbs. I threw 16 lb. balls when I was in high school and weighed around 145 lb. or so and not nearly as tall.
    Here's my guess: You're probably using a plastic coverstock ball. If that's the case, you should likely get yourself another plastic ball from your pro shop and make sure that it's fitted to your hand well.
    Hope this helps...


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