ďFire burns everything... A truly invincible ability."- Portgas D. Ace
Forge Fire
Core: Detonator
Coverstock: Infusion Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
Layout 70 x 4 x 30

Forge Fire (noun): 1. A high performance Infusion Hybrid Reactive coverstock which offers a faster reaction to the friction on the lane than its predecessor. 2. Utilizes the low RG and high differential symmetrical Detonator core. This ball is great at creating angle for various types of bowlers when facing medium to heavy oil.

In the Forge Fire you have the same continuation that was presented to you in the original Forge and while they are similar in terms of the Detonator core they do differ at the coverstock and box finish, the Forge coverstock is Coercion HFS at Coercion HFS 3000 LSS and the Forge Fire is Infusion Hybrid Reactive at 4000 LSS.

Forge Fire will provide you more length and backend motion than that of Forge, however Forge will provide you with more overall hook and is earlier upfront due to Coercion being the stronger coverstock of the two. Forge Fire will allow you to create more angle of heavier patterns because of its quicker response time to friction to that of the original Forge, this is what makes Fire Forge a great complement to the original Forge. Another major plus about Fire Forge is its color scheme as you will be able to tell what itís going to or not going to do, you can see it go through all three of its phases because of its bright color scheme. Using the combination of a burgundy scotch brite pad and a 2000 abralon pad with greatly increase its continuation and the angularity will become slower and more controllable than what it is out of box, ideal for those that want a slower pace of ball motion.


Forge Fire is very responsive at the breakpoint and although it is not our strongest weapon in terms of providing down lane motion, it offers plenty of motion off the spot.

Fire Forge provides a big move from a backend standpoint, for what it provides it was still easy to control the pocket.


Forge Fire can produce too much hook for your liking encountering heavy friction.

Fire Forge does as advertised and is a valuable benchmark. I use mine in tandem with Golden Jackal as the ball motion is similar, Iíve maintained success on a variety of conditions save for extreme friction. Donít worry about playing with fire. Thatís your opponents job. I encourage you to give Fire Forge a look.

Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II
Motiv Staffer