Chris Beans shares a tech talk on what to do when oil hasn't had time to sit before you bowl league!
TL;DW version

1-House get's done oiling 5 mins. before you start bowling. But the oil needs 15-30 mins to properly stick to the lane.
2-A lot of people start bowling with plastic and Urethane balls and pumping it down second arrow, they make a lot of carrydown in front of the head pin and everyone one starts leaving 10 pins.

What do you do?

If your a low rev stroker tweener, You buy or use a "Strong" Solid or Hybrid Asym., Drilled up strong (Example given: 65° x 4.5" x 30°) with a lot surface.

Other options:
1- move right (or left as the case maybe)
2-If your ball is fast, slow it down.
3-Come up the back of the ball, make it read earlier.

This is called shaping the shot.

Article referenced in the video (This article has been posted in some threads here before) :

Does lane oil evaporate and how long should the oil pattern sit?