The Tank Blitz is one of the latest releases from the MOTIV Bowling product line. With uniqueness and very popular release of the Covert Tank, MOTIV brings you the Tank Blitz that is the next stage of the Microcell Polymer technology. The Tank Blitz brings together the new Frixion Microcell Polymer Cover Stock along with the Gear Core that was found in the Venom Shock. This dual gives the Tank Blitz a stronger, smoother shape as well as a better continuation through the pins compared to the Covert Tank. Also with the new Microcell Technology, the Tank Blitz will have a better absorption rate of oil so you donít have to worry about messing up the shot. If you loved the Covert Tank, then the Tank Blitz will be another favorite in your bag.

Weight Block Gear
Cover Stock Frixion Microcell Polymer
Finish 2000 Grit LSS


I have never been a fan of throwing Urethane. I have never been comfortable throwing it nor never had no interest in having that shape in my bag but that all changed with the Covert Tank. The Microcell Polymer technology I feel gives us an advantage over any other company in that Urethane line because we can be a little more versatile without destroying the lane. The Tank Blitz could be pound for pound the strongest bowling ball I have ever owned. The early, smooth shape that the Tank Blitz gives me I feel I can throw this piece on higher volume and have success. Higher rev players will like this piece just as a previous stated. Medium to lower rev players will love the Blitz because when on more volume or transition has pushed the oil you will have no problem throwing this piece in your comfort zone and have success
Likes: Early and smooth down lane motion; continuous through the pins.
Dislikes: None

I recommend this bowling ball for all types of bowlers

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson