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Thread: Do you think the Astrophysix would compliment the Crux Prime?

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    Default Do you think the Astrophysix would compliment the Crux Prime?

    Hey, so I was just reading up on the Astrophysix, and I was really liking what I was seeing.

    So far in my bag, I have three balls. The Purple Hammer, a Hy-Road Pearl, and the Crux Prime.

    Why I was just wondering about possibly adding a fourth ball in the bag would to be when I throw my Crux, but it starts losing energy early due to how early it starts to read, and I assume that's one reason sometimes I leave a bunch of weak 10 or 7 pins when I throw with it. And because the Hy-Road Pearl doesn't have a lot of backend, I wondered if something like the Astrophysix would compliment my big monster ball. I would use it for when the Crux started losing energy, and when I would lose carry. Realistically, if my research is correct, the Astrophysix *should* give me more length, preserving more energy on the backend part of the lane, offering a snappier reaction over the Hy-Road Pearl for more striking potential.

    I just wanted to know what you guys thought of this, if it'd be worth it, if it wouldn't be different enough from anything else I'm throwing.

    I'm also a lower rev player, as of now. I'm probably somewhere in the low 300's I believe.

    Thanks for reading!

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    I have the Crux Prime and Hy-Road Pearl. Also, I'm a lower rev guy with a speed of 16 to 17 mph off my hand.
    The Crux Prime starts moving quite early. I lay it down on about board 13 and target board 10 at the dots. Getting hold on the left (lots of oil) and it makes a move if I miss right. I get quite a bit of reaction on the backend past the range markers and my ball drives through the pins.
    My Hy-Road Pearl makes a good move on the backend and looks a little sharper than the original Hy-Road.
    It sounds to me that with your low revs that you're trying to keep too far right and keeping your ball on the drier boards rather than taking advantage of the oil. Try moving left with your feet and moving your target a bit more to the left as well.
    If you got the AstroPhysix, you might find that the intermediate differential might help a bit on the backend but it might not be much better than your Hy-Road Pearl depending upon where you're playing. I bought an Intense Fire and expected it to give me a stronger finish and snap pretty hard. I was disappointed in it! So I took sanding pads to it and took off the polish down to 3000 grit. Now it doesn't just skid down the lane and hit the 3 or 6 pin rather than driving hard to the pocket. It slows down and makes a pretty good move toward the pocket with the 3000 grit finish.
    Hope this helps...

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    I'm kind of thinking along the lines of djp here I worry the astro wont be enough for you to see a big difference. It's the same cover as your Hyroad pearl with just a little stronger core. Im thinking not much difference between the two. If it were me the new all-road seems to be a better fit it's a similar core to the hyroad inverted but it has a stronger cover and a bit more surface seems more the ticket if your looking for a true step down from the crux to me.
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    The Astrophysix has a low RG of 2.48, with a high differential (asymmetrical). The Crux Prime has a low RG of 250 with a high differential (also asymmetrical). What could possibly make you think the the Astrophysix will go longer?

    Here's the deal: There are only four elements that determine ball reaction. Number one is the core, and we are told everything there is to know about the core. Number two is the layout which is nothing more than how the core is positioned within the ball. Number three is the chemical composition of the cover material (forget about solid, hybrid or pearl which is nothing more than a marketing scheme to get us to buy more bowling balls based on the.... Number four is the surface that we put on the ball. Surface is the only aspect of the ball that is readily changeable once the ball has been drilled.

    These four elements are it. There is nothing more. There are no secret ingredients that make a ball do what it does.

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    I see, thanks for the info guys.

    What about the Phaze III?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BowlerGuy1500 View Post
    I see, thanks for the info guys.

    What about the Phaze III?
    Again, the low RG is 2.48; the same as the Astrophysix. Both have lower RG's the Crux at 2.50. The lower the low RG is, the sooner the ball wants to roll. The HyRoad has a low RG of 2.57. It's designed to go longer, however how the balls are laid out will make a difference. If you really want to understand and be able to easily navigate between your bowling balls, use the same layout for all of them, adjust the surfaces as necessary, and let the core characteristics of each be the determining factor.

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    I found a new Hammer that I was looking at it's called a black widow Platinum looks like a real strong ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOUVIT View Post
    I found a new Hammer that I was looking at it's called a black widow Platinum looks like a real strong ball
    Black Widow Platinum is an international release, not a new ball. It's probably very similar to the Black Widow Gold which is not known as a very strong ball.


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