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Thread: Fsu travel team selection

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    Default Fsu travel team selection

    I thought this was interesting, it's from the FSU Bowling Team Handbook. To get on the team, they have to qualify and during this they track how well they bowl. This is some of the levels of bowling they have to meet to qualify.

    Travel team members are expected to exceed these numbers in order to travel:
    Menís Team Womenís Team
    Single Pins Spare % 85% 82%
    Multi Pin Spare % 52% 50%
    1st Ball Pinfall 8.5 8.2
    Max. Opens per Game 2 2.5
    Strike % 37% 32%
    These are the scores that we aspire to have in order to compete for a national championship:
    Menís Team Womenís Team
    Single Pins Spare% 95% 95%
    Multi Pin Spare% 65% 62%
    1st Ball Pinfall% 9.3 8.8
    Max. Opens per Game 1 1.5
    Strike% 50% 42%

    Right handed Stroker, high track ,about 13 degree axis tilt. PAP is located 5 9/16Ē over 1 3/4Ē up.Speed ave. about 14 mph at the pins. Medium revís.High Game 300, High series 798

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    Interesting. Well here is how I stack up based on this seasons stats. And no, I wouldn't make the

    45 games (average 192.02)(Now if you go with my last 27 games (average 202.04) when I changed a few things it's a little better - in green):

    Single pin spares = 73%, 74%

    Multi pin spare = 61%, 70%

    1st ball pinfall = 8.94, 9.10

    Opens per game = 19% (about 2/game), 15%

    Strike% = 46%, 50%

    So the only one I wouldn't make the cut would be single pin spares.
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    Rev Rate about 270 @ about 15.5 MPH at the pins* High Game: 279 - High Series: 725. PAP: 5 1/8"x1" up; tilt 20*, rotation 75*
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    Thank you for sharing that, it is really interesting. I calculated out a three game set using these standards...each game has a 8.55 first ball average (I had to put in a 5 and 6 count to create 3 single pin leaves a game), no more than 2 opens, a strike percentage around 37%, the series has a single pin average of 89%, and a multi pin spare just under 50% (this compensates for the higher single pin average). No strikes or opens in the 10th frame to get the most benefit from the 4 strikes (4/11). Series that was produced was 543 (181 average).
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