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Thread: Sean Rash signs with 900 Global

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    Default Sean Rash signs with 900 Global

    Saw the announcement today. After 15 years with Brunswick Sean Rash has signed with 900 Global for 2020
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    Maybe he didn't like the acquisition and the people he may be teammates with. Or maybe Global has something he might be interested in ($$$$)
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    He was on the Sweep the Rack podcast talking about the transition. He didn't really come out with a direct reason, but had some underlying comments that you could potentially read into. He did mention that this was the first time in a long time he had the opportunity to throw another brand equipment that actually fit his hand and felt that he liked the balls he was throwing (in addition, and maybe the best nugget you can get out of this - he did say all the major companies make good equipment, something towards the brand loyalty argument). Personally listening to the interview it felt as some uncertainty lead to him looking at other equipment and he really liked what he saw with Global - can't speak to financials, he also has a really good relationship with Barnes who he credits for originally getting him with Brunswick so that could be a factor.
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