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Thread: How would you bowl this pattern?

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    Default How would you bowl this pattern?

    Just curious, if you were given this info sheet, how would you bowl this pattern?
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    This is more of just how I would spend my practice to find a shot - the sheet is more of just a guideline on how I want to throw the first few since I don't know topography:

    (A) Start with the common pattern length - 31 leaves us at a pattern exit point of 9. At this point I'm probably throwing a ball directly up 9 board (no projection) just to see what happens. This (as with almost all shots) will be my benchmark ball and I'm looking for the ball rolling in the fronts as well as recovery on the backends - this may help me determine which ball (surface, cover, and core) is in play and out of play at this point.
    (B) Looking at the ratio I would assume there is some outside recovery - not a ton as compared to a house shot - so me personally I would throw a shot with a projection angle at 2 boards (foul line to arrows) - this would be laydown point around 15, target at the arrows around 13 to get around the exit point of 9. Again, I'm really wanting to see how my ball reacts in two ways - is it reading the lane at the correct time and what is my down lane recovery looking like - this is the benchmark ball.
    (C) Based around the first two shots I'm going to start to determine what the lane is asking; a few reactions could be [1] Is the ball not reacting on the backend - this could be because I'm trying to play too much angle and my game does not allow it to recover so I need to close my angles, I need less surface because for some reason the ball is reading and rolling out early [2] The ball is screaming off the backend so I need to get a ball that is calmer off the spot [3] did both shots react like trash and I'm completely in the wrong area (this is where watching other bowlers may be beneficial), [4] etc., this list will go on and on with all of the possibilities.

    ***With the first three shots I'm going under this assumption - the lanes are relatively the same. Yes, we will see differences depending on oil machine and topography (as well as other factors) but these first few shots are not to find the exact line...I'm trying to get a ball park idea of what ball and part of the lane I should be playing, if they are within a few boards you are going to get the idea. Obviously if the lanes are 8 boards different and the right lane has a crater for topography for some reason this is tricky - this post is not to discuss every single possibility out there.***

    As bowlers start getting settled in you will also start being able to make the following considerations as well - what equipment looks like it is working, scoring pace, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorPhoenix View Post
    Just curious, if you were given this info sheet, how would you bowl this pattern?
    As ALazySavage said, itís not really how you would play this pattern but where would you start looking for a good line. I suspect that a number of different strategies might work. I would probably start looking way outside first ignoring the rule of 31, and working my way in until I found a decent line.


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