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Thread: When you can't score...

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    If only a couple of bowlers bowled good every week and it was always the same bowlers then MAYBE there is something there but like I posted earlier, last week me and a teammate struggled but others did well. And it's not always the same guys each week doing good. That tells me that on some nights some guys figure it out while other nights others do. And that's on me to figure it out.
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    The biggest issue that is not recognized is that at the core scoring is really a relative concept. People go from house to house, tournament to tournament, even night to night, under the assumption that they are a "X" bowler (let's use 215 for this). On every occasion the lanes are going to break down different, a pair may have a different topography, the oil may actually be different or the laneperson may be different, etc. - yet a majority go into the night saying "I bowled bad, I shot 580 and I'm a 215" but fail to acknowledge that they covered almost all spares, the lanes were not stripped and oiled but just filled, and stayed near the pocket the entire night compared to "I bowled great and shot 712" but the lane was so open they had 4-5 boards of area and that covered bad execution and missed spares.

    Everything is on the bowler, including identifying scoring pace.
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