The next ball due out by Motiv for heavy oil is the Alpha Jackal. What we did was take the core from the Jackal Ghost and wrap a slightly modified version of the Trident Abyss cover around it. This combination produces a ball motion where you have the hook potential of the Abyss with a shape in between it and the Ghost. What I have noticed with the Alpha is that I am able get further inside and play steeper angles with it than I can with the Abyss or Ghost. The reason being, the Abyss is too forward off the spot and the Ghost isn't strong enough to make the corner. One of the things that surprised me most was how the Alpha can strike from a multitude of different angles. One night in league in particular I started with my feet on 12 and ended with them on 30. At no point throughout the evening did the Alpha die out, flat 10, or give me any reason to consider balling down. That is something I have never really had with a heavy oil asymm before.

My ball motion video is in the link below so be sure and check it out. I have comparisons to the Trident Abyss, Jackal Ghost, and the Forge Fire. I throw all of my comparison shots from the same line as the feature ball (Alpha Jackal) so you can see how they differ in shape and overall hook. Check it out!