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Thread: Brunswick Uppercut Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

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    Default Brunswick Uppercut Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

    Knock out the pins with the Uppercut from Brunswick.

    Following up the ever-popular Melee Jab, meet the Uppercut. Featuring the same Melee symmetric core as seen in the Melee line, you can expect that same strong backend motion that takes out the pins in one swift move. K.O.'d.

    Wrapped around the outside is the new Savvy Hook 3.0. This will help create more midlane than the Melee Jab but keep that same strong backend reaction.

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    Our PSO has been using the Uppercut for a couple of weeks. Says he likes it.
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    This is the ball I'm looking to get next.

    I bowl every few weeks for fun with friends & average 170, and have always wanted a three ball arsenal (2 strike, 1 spare) to kind of have my own setup. I have my Brunswick Rhino that is better for low oil lanes, my TZone for a spare ball, and thought the Uppercut would be great for the times where another Bowling Center I go to, uses about a Medium to Higher level of oil on their lanes. All I know is every time I have ever gone there, I'm forced to play a straight line almost with my Rhino, due to not getting much reaction, so to have something that would cut right through it regardless, would be ideal to add to have a ball for either occasion.

    Thanks for the video review!


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