60 x 4 ˝” x 30

Building upon the Infusion coverstock technology introduced on the Supra, MOTIV’s strongest asymmetric pearl offering to date has arrived: the Trident Nemesis. Boasting a bold teal and black color scheme, this medium-heavy volume release stands out on both the shelf and the lane.
Two new technologies are at work on this ball: Infusion HV Pearl coverstock (5500 LSP) and the Sidewinder core (2.52RG, .049Diff). This shell was designed to provide high-powered backend motion when there are heavier volumes of oil on the lane, a compliment to the heavy hitters for when they chew up the fronts but cannot open their angles enough to break the lane down further. The core gives enough flaring power to read the midlane well while also retaining enough transitional energy to deliver a snappy backend reaction.
I laid mine out with the intention of having a transitional ball that would compliment the Alpha Jackal when the angles are too much for the Forge Fire or I just need something that will simply push down the lane and flip on the backend on fresher house shots. Out of the box this pin distance actually gave me a bit too much length for the conditions I typically bowl on, so I hit the surface with a 3000 pad by hand and that made the world of a difference for me. I could easily start the league night with the Nemesis crossing around 15-board, with a breakpoint around 5-board, if I wanted to. With this color scheme it is easy to see just how hard the ball is working to gain traction in the mids but then works even harder to explode off the friction down lane. Between the 9-pins I have left and the multitude of errant shots that hit outside of 3-board at the breakpoint yet still came screaming back to the pocket (including several of those 9-pins I might add), I cannot overstate the backend power of this ball. With that in mind, I see this ball shine the most during the transition. Once my Alpha has worn out its welcome because of early friction, the Nemesis’ overall strength is an assurance to have in the bag for both the immediate ball reaction need and the next several games as the angles this ball can create and still strike truly is impressive.
Between the excellent color scheme and the head-turning response time to backend friction, feel free to unleash angle with the Trident Nemesis.

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop