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Thread: Is Roto-Grip now better than Storm?

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    Default Is Roto-Grip now better than Storm?

    It seems to me that lately Storm Bowlers are using at least one Roto-Grip ball when they make a TV show. Iím guessing that whatever the choice is, itís giving them a more predictable reaction, especially on the fresh lane condition. Anyone else notice this?

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    From my own experience over the years, it seems that Roto-Grip balls have covers that read the oil a little bit more than their Storm counterparts. Does this make them better? It depends on the lane condition.

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    I'm not sure I personally find it interesting the Brunswick people throwing Hammers.
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    I have experienced the same situation as Rob with the covers of Storm and Roto Grip equipment. Personally for me I have found great success with lower RG, solid covered Roto Grip equipment (3 of my 4 favorite balls ever have been lower RG Roto Grip equipment; my favorite ball is the Roto Grip Idol and it isn't close, I also have kept my Hyper Cell for a very long time and will be sad when I need to replace it [although that may just be a Nuclear Cell sanded down to 1000], and a Rogue Cell that I threw an obscene amount of games on) - especially more so than their Storm counterparts. This makes Roto Grip equipment better than Storm equipment FOR MY GAME and what I'm looking for. My PSO and I have a running joke about equipment, if he doesn't like how a ball rolls it is almost guaranteed I'm going to love the reaction - different people, different qualifications for what is considered good equipment.
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    No idea. I've only thrown one Storm ball and two Rotogrip balls. Both the Rotogrip balls were HORRIBLE. I thought the Storm ball was decent. It was predictable and actually had a nice reaction. Unfortunately, it also seemed to lose it's reaction rather quickly compared to other brands and seemed to crack sooner. But I'm hoping to give Storm a try again soon.

    Rotogrip...not so much. Two attempts and two might just not be a good brand for my game.

    But...I tend to like Rob's answer. I think any brand can work depending on your game and where you're using it in your arsenal/progression. I don't think one is 'better' than another.

    I mean, Motiv was for awhile due to cheating...but that aside...I don't think there's any advantage from one to another.
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