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Thread: Jagged Edge Solid Bowling Update

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    Hi all,

    I just got my Jagged Edge Solid ball drilled with fingertips, and I tried it out with three quick games to make sure it fit right. During the second game, I had to have the PSO correct the thumb hole, which chafed against the bottom inside of my thumb where it met my palm, and also a little bit against the sides of my thumb at the knuckle. That was the best game of my series at 106, but considering that I'm not a good bowler anyway, I'd never bowled with fingertips before, and the ball's a smidge heavier than I'm used too, that's probably not that bad.

    The manager of the bowling alley walked over and kindly started helping me and giving me tips, which were greatly appreciated. I thought that was quite nice of him. He pointed out how I should hold the ball differently, tucking my wrist under it more and keeping my wrist straight. He thought I should stand further back than my normal starting position, to hold the ball further away from my body and to the side so that it had a straight drop when I pulled back, and when to properly release. I aimed for the fifth board, which he confirmed was a good place to aim, and stood between the first and second dots, which he also confirmed was good, although he had me move like a foot and a half further back. It was quite a learning experience, and different from what I'm used to, but I think that with more practice I can improve. The games were mostly trash by the scores, but useful for learning what to expect from the ball.
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    Well, this kinda stinks. I just get my ball drilled, and now I can't even use it. Bummer.

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