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Thread: I think I had the Coronavirus in February.........

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    Default I think I had the Coronavirus in February.........

    I got the flu in December of 2019. Had the usual body aches and fever. Then in February of 2020 I got what I thought was the flu again. I started getting the chills and body aches again. I checked my temperature and it was 101.6. I thought how can I have the flu again this close together? During the beginning 5 days with this, besides the fever, I had the body aches and a constant cough that got worse. My wife ended up sleeping in another bedroom because of my coughing.

    My wife finally told me to call the doctor and get checked out. I agreed with her because I was thinking of the coronavirus that was out and about now. In the doctors office the nurse stuck one of those long Q-tips up my nose to check if I had the flu. They didn't have the COVID-19 test yet. The nurse left and not long after my doctor came in. So I asked him if I had the flu. He said you don't have the flu but you have something that is going around town and hitting people hard. He had me get on the examining table to check my lungs. He told me to take a deep breath whenever he checked different parts of each lung. Every time I did I got the cough reflex. After he was done he said that I had some fluid in my left lung which would explain my constant coughing. He told me that I wouldn't feel better for another 7 to 10 days. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and cough syrup.

    When I got home the next day I was watching TV and there were two women doctors from the University of Chicago Medical Center answering questions from folks about the COVID-19 virus. One guy asked if the flu shot and the pneumonia shot he gets would protect him from COVID-19. One doctor said no because the COVID-19 is so different. I get the flu shot every year and keep my pneumonia shot updated. It dawned on me that I must have COVID-19 because of the fluid in my lungs and my doctor telling me that I didn't have the flu. Plus whenever I ate anything it didn't taste like it was supposed to. So after looking at the big picture all roads led to the belief that I had COVID-19 virus. Good thing I went to the doctor at my wife's request. That fluid in my left lung was not going to get better. At 73 years old I can't afford to mess around even with the regular flu. A lot of seniors were dying from this virus. The good part is that I am in pretty good shape for my age and don't have any underlying conditions that would make this hard to recover from. Good luck to all of you folks and stay safe.
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    It might have been any number of things. Whatever it was, I hope you're all better now. At least now maybe you won't get it again, and your immune system is stronger. :-)

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    Daughter got test results back yesterday and they were negative (she is 26). A bunch of people in her office started feeling sick so they got tested. Guy on my work team is in self quarantine. Said his nephew just tested positive and he was with him recently. We all work from home so as long as he is feeling well it won't affect his work obligations.

    Step-son is a detective and I stopped at his station tonight. He is on call once a week and was at the station doing reports, etc. Said he had a DOA this morning. 40 year old female. She tested negative 3 days ago then died early this morning. That's all they know at this point. May not have been COVID related but they don't know yet
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