The Pyramid Force Unleashed brings the final chapter to the strongest line in Pyramid's history.

Force Unleashed is powered by the SG Precessional Asymmetric core, as in previous balls in this line up. This medium RG and differential engine creates an unbelievably strong, consistent ball motion, bringing tremendous energy transference to the pins.

Paired with the red GPS Navigational ATX Solid coverstock, Force Unleashed brings one of the strongest overall ball motions to date Finished at 2000 grit Abralon, expect strong reaction in the fronts and the mids, with unwavering continuation on the backend.

The Force Unleashed will be the prefect way for Pyramid to end one era and enter into a new dimension in ball motion.

Strength. Momentum. Acceleration. Destruction. Pyramid Force Unleashed.

Lighter colored resin swirls/lines are common on the Force. This is a product of the manufacturing process and doesn't affect ball reaction in any way.

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