Just noticed this today, I was downloading copies of the USBC Rules and manual pdfs and ran across this rule changes document:


In it it say's:
In accordance with the authority granted through Rule 14, the following rules have been designated for temporary exceptions to be effective until further notice:

Rule 18 USBC will temporarily allow the use of isopropyl alcohol, aka rubbing alcohol on the outer surface of the ball at any time during USBC certified competition

For those that don't know what is Rule 18 covers when you can Alter or clean the Surface your ball. The rule reads:

Rule 18 – Bowling Ball - Altering Surface
While bowling in USBC competition, a bowling ball cannot:
a. Have the surface altered by the use of an abrasive.
b. Be cleaned with any liquid substance or cleaning agent.
c. Have any foreign material on it including, but not limited to, powder, rosin, marker or paint.

All bowling balls so altered or cleaned must be removed from the competition.

Note: Should a foreign substance appear on the outer surface of a bowling ball which cannot be removed with a dry towel, an approved cleaner may be used with consent from a league or tournament officer.

So according to that temporary exception , you can clean your ball with alcohol any time and not have to ask permission. This temporary exception for Alcohol was allowed because of the new USBC Rule 14 that replaced the old one.

Old Rule 14 – Supplemental Fees
Rule was deleted.

New Rule 14 - Emergency Authorization

Allows USBC to temporary modify the General Playing, Award, League and Tournament Rules under specific circumstances. Information regarding any active authorizations will be posted on BOWL.com.