Bowler Stats:
Rev Rate ~375
Ball Speed ~17.5 at pins
VISE VACCU Grips - Clear
PAP 6 over, 1 up
1 Hand | Right

Ball Specs and Layout:
Core/Weight Block - Predator V2
Cover - Infusion HV Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish - 5000 Grit LSP
Layout - 65 X 4 ⅜ X 35

Test Environment:
THS - Southpoint, Las Vegas, NV.

YouTube Link:

With CA still closed, for the most part, I took the opportunity to visit a fellow Motiv and Logo Infusion Staffer, MotivLou, in Las Vegas, NV to throw some games and finally get a chance to throw the new Jackal Flash. This ball Is the longest of the current Jackals, but without losing any energy. In the video, you can see where I missed right and I blew past the breakpoint, making this a little too clean, on a fresh THS, for me. This will fit into the transition, where the mids are starting to hook and I need something to get past them. My bag, with this included, would look like: Jackal Ghost, Jackal Flash, Supra. I would be able to start in the oil, transition to the Flash, and if needed, ball down to the Supra.

Sean Early
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